5 thoughts on “Berenstain Bears Book Series – Rarity Guide

  1. Hi,
    I was looking through your rarity guide to try to find out more about my set of Bear books.
    I have hardcover ‘Grolier’ First Time Books published by Random House. My idea of the First Time Books are the square softcover books that you can find anywhere and everywhere. But I can’t find any reference to the hardcover versions of this set. I have 29 of them. Are they rare? Hard to find? Of any real value? Or at least any part of your website that you can link me to?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. The hardcover Grolier were sold outside of the US, primarily in Canada. So they are definitely more “rare” but not necessarily valuable. Are you interested in determining value, wanting to sell?

      1. I was mostly just curious as to why I couldn’t find them very easily as I remembered having them when I was a kid. Finally found a set though. Was just curious as to why they seemed to be rare. Their value isn’t terribly important. I see them on eBay right now for what seems to be too much money (Canadian seller). I’m also in Canada. Thanks for the reply!

  2. What are the steps to acquiring several of these books, as a gift for a grandchild?

    I am hoping to find the stories written in the ’60s and ’70s (read to me when I was little,) but printed recently, so the little ones can have new books. The couple of them I have from years ago are in very bad shape, with torn or missing pages.

    Do these currently exist? I haven’t found them in stores or available for order at booksellers.


  3. I bought the book The Bike Lesson at a consignment place. It is copyrighted 1964. When I brought it home I looked it up and everything I see online has a red cover. My cover is a mint green cover. Also my book once belonged to a library. Any thoughts to why mine has a green cover?

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