Berenstain Bears Jigsaw Puzzles

Berenstain Bears Get Fit (Random House, 1988)
Berenstain Bears Get Fit (Random House, 1988)

Jigsaw puzzles have been an important and long-running component in the Berenstain Bears memorabilia market.  Beginning with a series of puzzles produced by Random House and Milton Bradley in n1975 – to recent additions by New York Puzzle Company (14 puzzles, 2012-2016) – the evolution of the Berenstain Bears book series has been documented through generations of puzzles both large and small.  Random House produced at least 11 puzzles in the 1970s and 1980s, and Golden published 12 puzzles of their own during the 1980s and 1990s.  Whether completing a 6-piece Fisher-Price wood frame tray puzzle or the two charming Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Puzzles (Cleo/Gibson, 1990), the Berenstain Bears are always smiling back at you when your task is complete!

Below is my collection of Berenstain Bears puzzles – am I missing any?
(Last update: 16 August 2020)

Puzzle TitlePublisher/NumberPiecesStyleYear
Berenstain Bears Series 1 (Nature Guide)Milton Bradley 4989-124Boxed1975
Berenstain Bears Series 6 (Nature Guide)Milton Bradley 4989-624Boxed1975
Giant Floor Puzzle (Bears Nature Walk)Random House30Boxed1975
Christmas TreeRandom House13Frame Tray1980
Go FishingFisher-Price #5407Frame Tray1982
Tree HouseFisher-Price #5377Frame Tray1982
Family BandFisher-Price #5388Frame Tray1982
Perfect Picnic SpotFisher-Price #5396Frame Tray1982
Ghost StoriesGolden 4525A12Frame Tray1982
“Autumn Fun” (jumping in leaves)Golden 4525B12Frame Tray1982
“Off to School”[unmarked]24Metal box1983
Tea PartyGolden 4628A25Boxed1983
Let’s Go FishingGolden 4628B25Boxed1983
Seaside PicnicGolden 4628C25Boxed1983
The Bee TreeGolden 4628D25Boxed1983
Family BandSpringbok/Hallmark PZL116648Boxed1983
Home Sweet TreeConnor 8500-111Frame Tray1984
Honey TreeConnor 8500-211Frame Tray1984
Bear FamilyConnor 8500-310Frame Tray1984
Brother BearConnor 8500-49Frame Tray1984
Sister BearConnor 8500-59Frame Tray1984
Mama’s HelpersConnor 8500-611Frame Tray1984
Peek-a-Puzzle: Tree House FunConnor 8510-16Frame Tray1984
Peek-a-Puzzle: Goodies from the FarmConnor 8510-26Frame Tray1984
“Go to the Doctor” shotLederle Biologicals (194-6)9Frame Tray1986
“Go to the Doctor” scaleLederle Biologicals (194-6)9Frame Tray1988
Holiday FunRandom House13Frame Tray1988
At the LakeRandom House100Boxed1988
Get FitRandom House100Boxed1988
On WheelsRandom House100Boxed1988
Out For a StrollRandom House100Boxed1988
County FairRandom House First Time Puzzles13Frame Tray1988
Fishin’ and Wishin’Random House First Time Puzzles16Frame Tray1988
Rain or ShineRandom House First Time Puzzles13Frame Tray1988
Home Sweet TreeRandom House First Time Puzzles12Frame Tray1989
Valentine’s Day Greeting Card PuzzleCleo/Gibson30Greeting Card Puzzle1990
Valentine’s Day Greeting Card PuzzleGibson30Greeting Card Puzzle1990
“Go Out to Eat” Floor puzzleGolden 501563Boxed1993
Barn DanceGolden 5498-1463Boxed1993
FishingGolden 5643A25Boxed1993
At the FairGolden 5643B-125Boxed1993
Ice CreamGolden 5643C25Boxed1993
“Storytime” (eating popcorn)Golden 5643D-125Boxed1993
Family PicnicRavensburger 08 617 735Boxed2000
Berenstain Family CircusRavensburger 08 618 435Boxed2000
Bicycles Built for BearsRavensburger 09 554 460Boxed2000
Bearly WetRavensburger 09 555 160Boxed2000
Bear Country Express (floor puzzle)New York Puzzle Company BB65136Boxed2012
Jobs Around TownNew York Puzzle Company BB652100Boxed2012
Tree House, TheNew York Puzzle Company BB65360Boxed2012
Woodland AnimalsNew York Puzzle Company BB65460Boxed2013
Going Green!New York Puzzle Company BB655100Boxed2013
Under the RainbowNew York Puzzle Company BB65624Boxed2013
God Bless Our HomeNew York Puzzle Company BB65748Boxed2013
Golden Rule, TheNew York Puzzle Company BB65848Boxed2013
World of DinosaursNew York Puzzle Company BB659100Boxed2014
Summer DaysNew York Puzzle Company BB66060Boxed2014
All Aboard (Mini-Puzzle)New York Puzzle Company BB66120Boxed2014
Spring Day (Mini-Puzzle)New York Puzzle Company BB66320Boxed2014
Joy of GivingNew York Puzzle Company BB1601200Boxed2016
School DaysNew York Puzzle Company BB664200Boxed2016
Random House Berenstain Bears puzzles
Random House Berenstain Bears puzzles