Berenstain Bears Board Games, Card Games, and Playsets


We recently featured a collection of Berenstain Bears jigsaw puzzles, which leads to another favorite part of the Bear Family memorabilia: games!  More than two dozen Berenstain Bears board games, card games, and play sets have been produced, and no collection should be without them, especially games based on classic books like “Spooky Old Tree,” “Too Much Junk Food,” and “Messy Room.”  And keep an eye out for a future blog post which will feature video games and computer software!

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The earliest Berenstain Bears “games” were playsets made by Whitman in 1983 – the “Berenstain Bears Playset” and the “Berenstain Bears Treehouse Playscene,” which allowed kids to recreate their favorite scenes using a board, vinyl play pieces, and stand-up figures.  Random House also made a similar set in 1989 using larger plastic figurines (you’ll recognize them as the same figurines distributed in McDonalds Happy Meals in 1986/1987). Likewise, RoseArt had a play set from 1991.

IMG_4056    IMG_4068

Card game and trading cards were the rage starting in the 1990s, with the “Allstars!” card game, Berenstain Bears Giant Card Game, Berenstain Bears storycards, and – finally – Berenstain Bear Join the Team card game in 2000.



Harmony Toy, Golden, and Briarpatch produced a variety of Berenstain Bears games from 1992 to 2000, before Childswork/Childsplay issued several board games, card games, and bingo games in 2009-2010.

The Berenstain Bears What Would a Friend Do? Board Game (2010)


The Berenstain Bears Earthsaver Game (Golden, 1993)

IMG_4070  IMG_4058IMG_4069

The most recent game is “The Berenstain Bears Learn to Share,” made by Patch Games as part of their “Tales to Play” series.


Here’s a full list of Berenstain Bears games! Also check out my list of Berenstain Bears Video Games!

Board Games, Card Games, and Playsets Publisher Year Style
Berenstain Bears Lacing Cards Whitman 4704/A7331 1983 Playset
Berenstain Bears Playset Whitman 4301 1983 Playset
Berenstain Bears Treehouse Playscene Whitman 4303 1983 Playset
Berenstain Bears Giant Card Game Golden 4850 1983 Card
Too Much Junk Food Board Game (First Time Games) Random House 1985 Board
Berenstain Bear Treehouse Playset Random House 1989 Playset
Messy Room Board Game (First Time Games) Random House 1989 Board
Spooky Old Tree Board Game (First Time Games) Random House 1989 Board
Allstars! Card Game Random House 1990 Card
Nature Walk Game (First Time Games) Random House 1990 Board
Berenstain Bears Presto Magix Stick ‘n Lift Play Set Rose Art 1866 1991 Playset
Giant Card Game (re-issue) Western/Golden 4935 1991 Card
Berenstain Bears Storycards Ken-Wis 1992 Trading cards
Hidden Honey Pot Harmony Toy 9212 1992 Board (small)
Hide and Seek Harmony Toy 9211 1992 Board (small)
So Much To Do Board Game Harmony Toy 9201 1992 Board
Earthsaver Game Golden 5080 1993 Board
Join the Team Card Game Briarpatch 13301 2000 Card
Missing Dinosaur Board Game Briarpatch 2000 Board
Tic Tac Toe Berenstain Enterprises/Barnes & Noble 2003 Board
Keep Your Cool Bingo Game Childswork/Childsplay 60281 2008 Bingo
Keep Your Cool Card Game Childswork/Childsplay 60303 2008 Card
Good Behavior Bingo Game Childswork/Childsplay 60283 2009 Bingo
Good Behavior Card Game Childswork/Childsplay 60313 2009 Card
Talk About Feelings Bingo Game Childswork/Childsplay 60282 2009 Bingo
Talk About Feelings Card Game Childswork/Childsplay 60323 2009 Card
Learn to Make Friends Bingo Game Childswork/Childsplay 1562 2010 Bingo
What Would a Friend Do Board Game Childswork/Childsplay 1602 2010 Bingo
Learn to Share Board Game (Tales to Play) Patch Games SMP-479 2011 Board


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