10 Best Berenstain Bears Books of the Past Five Years (2017-2021)

The popularity of the Berenstain Bears book and cartoon franchise peaked in the 1980s and 1990s, so it often comes as a surprise to people to know that the books are still being written!

In fact, the series is in its “second generation” – those classic Bear Family tales that you read as a kid were written by Stan and Jan Berenstain, but about 15 years ago, their son Mike took over writing and illustrating the books – and the series is still going strong!

So if you have a Berenstain Bears collection at home, it might be out of date!  Or you might want to pick up a few “new classics” for your kids or grandkids. Many of these make nice compliments to the classic Berenstain Bears books (nearly all of which are still in print, too!)

So… we present… the 10 Best Berenstain Bears Books of the Past Five Years (2017-2021)

#10 – The Berenstain Bears: Welcome to Bear Country (2017)

Take a tour of Bear Country with the Bear Family as they show Cousin Tex all the sights! They visit Bear Town, museums, caves, and even Bear Country’s most prized highlight—the Old Honey Tree!

#9 – The Berenstain Bears: Why Do Good Bears Have Bad Days? (2019)

From the Living Lights series of Christian-based storybooks, young readers learn why everyone has bad days. A great message and beautiful illustrations!

#8 – The Berenstain Bears Visit the Farm (2020)

We LOVE a lift-a-flap book and this one has a bunch of great hidden treasures! Meet Bossie the cow, Samson the horse, and lots of rabbits. With more than a dozen flaps, kids will love checking what’s behind tractors and bushes with the Bear Family!

#7 – The Berenstain Bears Play Football! (2017)

The family cannot wait to watch the Grizzly Bowl! As they wait for the big game to start, the cubs huddle up outside. Will Brother score the winning touchdown in time – or will a new star burst onto the scene!?

#6 – The Berenstain Bears’ Big Family Album (2019)

Brother and Sister’s visit to Gran and Gramp’s house takes an unexpected turn when they help clean up the attic and discover a dusty old family album. With Gramps, they look through old photos of Papa and Mama and learn fun, interesting stories about their family history. Charming! 

#5 – You Can Draw the Berenstain Bears (2018)

Artists young and old find plenty of drawing, learning, and creating in this unique and hands-on book. While readers enjoy a fun and delightful story, they also will find simple step-by-step tips for drawing the popular Bear Country characters Mama, Papa, Brother, Sister, and Honey Bear. The lovable characters come to life as you learn to draw and color the Bear family and their friends. 

#4 – The Berenstain Bears’ St. Patrick’s Day (2021)

A parade down Main Street, leprechauns, and pots of gold… this book has it all!  Vibrant and fun, this is definitely a new classic! 

#3 – The Berenstain Bears Visit Grizzlyland (2018)

The Bear family, especially Papa, is ready to have a blast at the amusement park! They take a ton of photos and go on so many rides, even the roller coasters with the biggest drops. But with so much to do and so little time, will they make it on Papa’s favorite ride?

#2 – The Berenstain Bears’ Big Track Meet (2020)

After years of training, Papa, Sister, and Brother are ready to race, jump, and climb their way to win gold. But there can only be one champion at the top of the podium. Who will it be?  This is an exciting page-turner that will be loved even by the earliest readers!

#1 – The Berenstain Bears’ Big Halloween Party (2021)

We love Halloween and so does the Bear Family! It’s trick-or-treat season in Bear Country, and the whole neighborhood is getting together for the big Halloween party at the treehouse! There will be a big Halloween parade, ghoulish games, a monstrous costume contest, and trick-or-treating for everyone. Brother, Sister and Honey can hardly wait for all the ghostly goodies and fun! 

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2 thoughts on “10 Best Berenstain Bears Books of the Past Five Years (2017-2021)

  1. I Agree With Some Of The Books On The List But 1 Of My Favorites From The Past 5 Years Was Not On The List
    It Is The Berenstain Bears We Love The Library I Just Think Mike Hit It Out Of The Park On That One But I Love Any
    Berenstain Bears Book Love The Page I Use It For Seeking Out Books On Ebay

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