2 thoughts on “Berenstain Bears logo history

  1. Here’s my gut-feel on why the cursive font logo was used: Walt Disney set the precedent for it. Plus, knowing a fair amount about logos (I own a marketing firm and have designed many logos in addition to working with many more), a logo isn’t meant to be read. It becomes visually an image through repetition of use. The best logos can instantly trigger the brand name much more quickly than they can be read and comprehended. Uniqueness is key to this, so that your subconscious picks up on the brand from the logo right away. However, a similarity with other brands in a segment can be beneficial. If a new logo looks somewhat familiar, and the logo it looks like has a positive connotation, then that’s a benefit for the new logo.

    This is all conjecture, but the scripted Berenstain Bears logo may have been devised to follow the example set by Walt Disney, or it may be entirely unrelated. Either way, the cursive nature of it helps make it perhaps harder to read as text , but easier to recognize as a complete image; a clear goal of any good logo design.

    1. These are great thoughts Matt! I had considered the cursive logo as a definite choice that stands out…. classic branding that is distinctive. Isn’t it funny that I’ve never thought about the Walt Disney font and that it is also cursive? You’re definitely right…. kids can identify a logo far before then can read (print or cursive) and the Berenstain Bears logo is certainly a great example of how that can be effective!

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