Most Wanted Berenstain Bears Books – Rare Items Wanted by Collectors

The Berenstain Bears' Magic Picture Riddle Book (Random House, 1985)
The Berenstain Bears’ Magic Picture Riddle Book (Random House, 1985), has become very hard to find.

Several Berenstain Bears books and collectibles are very rare because they were produced in small quantities or were “consumable” books of stickers, activities, coloring pages, etc.  Listed below are the most sought-after Berenstain Bear books wanted by collectors.  

Do you have one of the rare books or items listed below?  Send me an email if you’d like to sell!  There are collectors who would love to add these items to their collections!

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Last updated: December 28, 2018

“Fun with Berenstain Bears” sticker book published by American Greetings (1998).  Only the most serious fans have this one in their collection.

Berenstain Bears Magic Picture Riddle Book (Random House, 1985) (ISBN 0-394-87230-4) (Sometimes incorrectly referred to or listed as “Scribble Magic”)

“Berenstain Bears Theme Book”  (Plymouth, 1983). The company also made the “Berenstain Bears ABC Tablet.”
“Go to School” is the rarest of the First Time Coloring Books (Random House)

The Berenstain Bears Go to School Coloring Book (Happy House, 1990) (ISBN 0-679-80481-1)

Berenstain Bears Paint By Number (Golden #5615) (1992) (ISBN 0-307-05615-5)

Berenstain Bears Paint With Water Kit (Golden #4299/A7263) (1983) (no ISBN)

Berenstain Bears Bear Country Coloring Fun (Random House, 1983) (ISBN 0-394-85775-5)

Berenstain Bears Theme Book (Plymouth Inc., #202) (1983) (no ISBN)

Berenstain Bears ABC Tablet (Plymouth Inc., 1983) (no ISBN)

IMG_1381Baby Bear’s Toy Animals (Stahlwood Toy Company, 1984) (no ISBN)

Baby Bear’s Toys ‘n Noises (Shalwood Toy Company, 1984) (no ISBN)

Berenstain Bears: It’s Magic! Mark & See (Golden #2896) (1991) (ISBN 0-307-02896-8)

Berenstain Bears Fun Book (Golden #3050) (1993) (ISBN 0-307-03050-4)

The Berenstain Bears: It’s Magic! Mark & See – a very unique book that has become extremely hard to find!
The Berenstain Bears: My Very Own Photo Album (Antioch, 1991)

Fun With The Berenstain Bears – Stickers! (American Greetings, StickerTime Fun & Games #23 (1998) (no ISBN)

Berenstain Bears: My Very Own Photo Album (Antioch, 1991) (ISBN 0-89954-618-8)

Berenstain Bears Take the Train Coloring & Activity Book (Lederle Biologicals, 1990) (No ISBN)

Berenstain Bears: How to Tell Time Two Ways – Analog, Digital (Armitron, 1983) (No ISBN)

The Berenstain Bears Go Shopping (Berenstain/Chosun, 1994) (No ISBN)

Berenstain Bears Sticker Art coloring/activity kit (Pace Products, 1991) (ISBN status unknown)

Berenstain Bears “Winter Surprise” Poster Art coloring/activity kit (Pace Products, c. 1992) (ISBN status unknown)

Berenstain Bears “Spring Fever” Poster Art coloring/activity kit (Pace Products, c. 1992) (ISBN status unknown)

Nelvana Outreach Notebook: The Berenstain Bears (Nelvana/PBS, 2002)

The Berenstain Bear Scouts Guide (Scholastic, 1997) (ISBN 0-590-18928-X)

“The Berenstain Bears Paint by Number” (1992) activity kit (Golden #5615). Photo from the collection of the Strong National Museum of Play.

7 thoughts on “Most Wanted Berenstain Bears Books – Rare Items Wanted by Collectors

  1. Hello I have the bearstain bear bike lesson 1st copy made hardcover matte looking random house. And have more info how much is thsi valued at ots the first1 it has FGHI65432

  2. I have 8 regular size books- Too Much Birthday, Bad Dream, Go to Camp, Learn about Strangers, Trouble with Pets, Junk Food, Nursery Tales, and New Baby. I also have a small one Big Election. Would these be worth anything? Thank you.

  3. I have a piece of art drew by the Bernstein’s given to me as a child is it worth anything

  4. I found a copy of The Berenstain Bears and the Neighborly Skunk. I am having trouble finding information about it online. Is it hard to find?

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